The U.N. Human Rights Council's untold story

In 1944, Raphael Lemkin, a Polish-Jewish lawyer sought to create a new term to describe Nazi policies of the systematic murder of Jewish people. Lemkin combined the ancient Greek prefix geno, meaning ‘race’, ‘tribe’ or ‘people’ and caedere or cide, the Latin word for ‘to kill’ and thus the new word, “genocide.”

Ever since the Jews gave the world 10 decrees of morality – the Ten Commandment – the world is at arms with the Jews.

There was no genocide during the “peaceful protests” the Gazans unleashed on Israel, as some made such accusations.

Since the 3rd Jewish Commonwealth, know is the State of Israel was established, on May 14, 1948, the world is at arms with Israel and the Jewish state is forced to defend herself again and again. Each time a war breaks, first one on May 15, 1948, because the surrounding Arab states attempted to annihilate the Jewish State, Israel is stopped in her tracks, a ceasefire is forced upon her to sign and the doors remain wide open for one more war against Israel to come soon. Israel was never given a chance and she had several, to finish the job, to bring her enemies to a total surrender, just as the Allies did to Hitler Nazi Germany and Japan in World Word Two, brought the perpetrators of the war to a total unconditional surrender.

The new tactical war on Israel

It is May 15, 2018, and the Arabs are at war with Israel again. This time it is a war camouflaged as a “peaceful protest.”

The Arabs from Gaza, members of the Hamas terror enclave, have decided it as good time as ever to go on “peaceful protest” that threatens Israel’s sovereignty. Beginning on Friday, 30 March 2018, upon brainwashing instructions, coercion and the tempting occasion to earn few dollars for participation and endangering one’s life in the process, tens of thousands of Arabs from the Gaza Strip, started a protest called “the Great March of Return.” 

The protest that has been lasting for days has been taking place on the Gaza Strip side of the security fence that marks the border line with Israel. The demonstrators, many of them members of the Hamas terror organization that rules Gaza threw stones, Molotov cocktails, rolled burning tires at Israeli troops defending the border, waved machetes, flew fire bombs kites and made endless attempts to cut the security wire with the wire cutters in their hands in order to run into Israel’s territory.
 Gaza resident with wire cutter at the border with Israel; the intention is clear: break through the security fence and overrun Israel 

The end game of this new type of war the Gaza-Arabs launched is, if succeeded, breaking into Israel’s territory, with the hope to kill as many Israelis as possible and take as many hostages, as bargaining chip, if they cannot yet conquer Israel.

No one in Gaza has a home in Israel to which he or she should return to if given the chance, as the protest called for. That fabrication of a “right to return” is another term for destroying Israel and making the land ours. Everyone in Gaza, however, has a dream; to live in Israel should he or she is given a chance, rather than continue languishing, with no future, in the cesspool Hamas made of Gaza in the 10 plus years it has been ruling there.

Remember what I wrote above: Israel was never given a chance to vanquish her enemy and Israel is the only country in the world that needs to apologize, make excuses and explain why she defends herself and also needs advocates to stand by her to help her make her case of defending herself, just as any other sovereign nation will do under such circumstances.

In protecting the border with Gaza from the possible infiltration of thousands of angry Arab mob who have one goal in mind, to kill Israelis, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers had to, from time to time, use live ammunition. The result several Gazans lost their lives in the chaotic demonstrations the Gazans themselves started, putting Israel on the necessary defense. In clashes that took days, in which thousands of Gazans participated, ONLY 62 were killed. If this number does not show a total restraint of military actions, what does?

Perpetrators Claim to Be Victims

The spill from what the Arabs started and as usual managed to turn it from being the perpetrators to being the victims is horrendous for Israel and that is the point I want to bring up here.


So allow me to start with the eye witness news; Col. Richard Kemp, who just returned from the Israeli border with Gaza was called by the UN Watch organization to testify at the UN Human Rights Council’s session on Gaza. Here is what he said: “Hamas seeks destruction of Israel and murder of Jews everywhere.” 

At an urgent session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) the participating 47 Member States took a vote to probe and investigate Israel for the actions it took in the Gaza protest and the resulting death cases.

What about the United Nations Human Rights Council’s provocative human rights?

It is a conglomerate of nations that many are notorious for violating human rights. Almost weekly this council, obsessed with Israel, condemns her for violating human rights.

This time, no difference. After the UNHRC urgent session, 29 member states condemned Israel and 2 – United States and Australia – opposed the ruling. Israel rejected the council’s ‘hypocritical, absurd,’ one other attempt to undermine her right to self-defense and has dismissed the probe as ‘forgone conclusion’.

 UNHRC vote on Gaza - the 'yas' and 'nays'

Here are the nations, some could be seen as inventors of human rights violations, that have no right, whatsoever, to condemn any other nation for violating human rights but get a free pass in condemning Israel: Afghanistan, Angola, China, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Iraq, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela; out of 29 countries that passed judgments on Israel, 20 have no right, whatsoever, to pass judgment on Israel and should have kept quiet in their booth.

But no; since Israel is judged in the United Nations halls by a standard that applies to no other nation in the world, so is the present case. The headlines are glittering again: “UN Human Rights Council votes to investigate Israel for Gaza protest deaths.”

Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein, the UN High Commissioner, is either misinformed or lies or both. In his statement he said that Israel, as an occupying power.” Mr. Zeid, no; Israel is not occupying any land and definitely not Gaza. Mr. Zeid also said that “87 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli security forces, and over 12,000 people have been injured…The stark contrast in casualties on both sides is also suggestive of a wholly disproportionate response. On the Israeli side, one soldier was reportedly wounded, slightly, by a stone…”

So if Israel suffered equally the same losses would you have been happy Mr. Human Rights? Israel is regretting each life lost but who told the Gazans to rush to the border AFTER Israel warned them, they do so at their one peril? Israel warned the Gazans NOT to listen to Hamas and not rush to the border. What was the purpose of doing the Hamas PR work by putting one’s life in danger?

And Mr. Zeid also said that because, “Israel, as an occupying power, it is obligated to protect the population of Gaza and ensure their welfare.” So, Mr. Zeid, get your facts right.

The occupying power in Gaza is not Israel, rather, it is Hamas, who was elected ‘fair and square’ by the Gazans, in 2007. Remember, in 2007, Hamas had taken complete control over Gaza, successfully beating down Fatah forces and compelling Abbas to relocate to the Ramallah, West Bank. It is Hamas’s duty to protect the population of Gaza and Hamas has a free choice as to how they protect their people.

Mr. Zeid, if according to your statement in the UNHRC session on Gaza, the Gazans, in essence, are “caged in a toxic slum from birth to death; deprived of dignity; dehumanized,” it is not by the Israeli authorities as you misstated – rather by Hamas. Let it be known to you and the members of the UNHRC that 45% of the Gazans will leave the Strip tomorrow. So make it possible for them to leave, to emigrate to wherever their heart desires, and not to try breach the international border with Israel, to where they are not welcome for known and good reasons.

Civilians Used No Lethal Weapons? Really!?

The PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization, dream is the liberate the State of Israel from its Jewish inhabitants that sits at the UNHRC sessions, as an observer, had this to say at the session on Gaza: “None of the civilians used any firearm or lethal weapon… “

It may be true, BUT the protesters used all other tools - flaming Molotov cocktails, flaming Molotov kites, catapults and slingshots with stones - that could harm Israel and Israelis and that had to be stopped by all means possible, the last on the list, live fire. Additionally, “[For Israel] those who were killed from amongst the protesters have no value, just like Nazis…” That must be wrongly expressed. This statement must be addressed to Hamas because ONLY to Hamas those who were killed from amongst the protesters have no value, just like Nazis.

Hamas uses its people as human shields, as the patsy it needs when its rule in the Strip is about to be shaken. And lastly, accusing Israel of, “Criminal acts of the Israeli occupation forces against civilians…” Those civilians have a choice if they object to Israeli occupation forces against them, leave. No one holds them down to live under “Israeli occupation forces.” The last time I checked, they are lucky Israel lets them stay. If it was another nation, they would have long ago been subjected to a population transfer as is permitted by international war crimes they perpetrated, for the past 100 years against Jews and Israel.

Arab Nations Started All the Wars Against Israel

Remember PLO, the Arab nations started all the wars against Israel with one goal in mind, to destroy the “Zionist enterprise” as they so anti-semitically call the State of Israel.

Of course from the chorus of the UAE for Arab Group, Qatar and Iraq, the UNHRC heard the anticipated clichés and remarks such as: “We deeply condemn Israel’s repression of Palestinian protesters, collective punishment… We call for an international inquiry to put a prompt end to repression…” If left it to these countries to deal with such protests and the repression of PalArab protesters, the collective punishment would have turned bloodshed, to which the UNHRC would have remained silent, as it is silent to the current genocidal slaughter going on in Syria, Tibet, Myanmar, etc.

Or, “We condemn massacres and gross violations of the occupying forces. Women, children, and journalists have been killed.” Again, last I checked, the meaning of slaughter, is an indiscriminate and brutal slaughter of people. Well, well, Israel did not indiscriminately and brutally slaughtered people from Gaza who made all efforts to break through her security border fence. Shooting at the protesters was left as the very last option the Israeli soldiers used and there were ample witnesses to attest to the Israeli soldiers’ conduct of extreme restraint.

As for women and children, why will any sane woman partake in such violent protests and risks her life in such a dangerous situation? After all the Israeli army warned not to come to the border! Why will any mother take her child to or allow her child to go near such a dangerous "protest"? It is insanity borders suicide.

As for journalists? A journalist who wants to report from the front line, he or she puts his or her life in harm’s way. It is part of the job if so chosen to do.

Lastly, Horrific violations by Israeli forces…” Last time I checked the word violations it means, breach and break. It was the Gazans who tried breaching and breaking through the security fence of Israel’s border with Gaza. All Israel did is preventing that from happening.

United Nations Human Rights Council

To make a case, one has to be precise and tell the truth, tell it as it is. But that is not how the United Nations Human Rights Council operates. When it comes to the State of Israel, it lies, it manipulates the truth and it acts as a hooligan.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minster, responded to the UNHRC resolution absurd: “There is nothing new under the sun. An organization that calls itself the Human Rights Council once again proves that it is hypocritical and biased and that its purpose is to harm Israel and support terror. But mostly it has proven that it is irrelevant.”

Another headline today, “With an eye on Iran, the Trump administration and Arab states leveled sanctions against Hezbollah individuals and entities.”

Why not sanctions against Hamas that Iran helps finance and the Palestinian Authority that supports and finances Hamas with funds from Western nations?

Why does the international community insist on helping Hamas delude the Gazans?

To achieve a more calm state of affairs, it is time the world stops making Israel the culprit of all that goes wrong with the Arab population surrounding her. The world must declare to the Hamas-abused Gazans and other Arabs who have the same idea in mind: there is not ‘return,’ there will be no ‘return.’ Mobilizing PalArabs, under false pretense, for the ‘right’ they never had, do not have and will never have and a ‘return,’ which in fact means overrunning Israel that will not happen, is only exacerbating the situation, not fixing it, not leading to reaching peace.

It will not help bashing Israel over and over again, making the Jewish state the target of all the world’s nations’ failures and ills. The more Israel is bashed the stronger she gets and for one simple reason; when you tell the truth, when you defend the truth, when you stand on your rights and defend your rightful position and when standing alone against an army of shameful nations you can only become more invincible.

I take my case to the world, stop bashing Israel, it will get you nowhere but to the book of sham and shame.