You Are About to Read About Keshet Eilon

 Never mind, here they are. One big family that reaches across oceans, through the music.

Keshet Eilon, its home is in the Western Galilee, Israel, located a step away from the state of Israel’s border with Lebanon, is 27 year old. As a beacon of excellence in classical music, it offers programs that encourage gifted, outstanding young violinists, as well as other string players, from Israel and throughout the world, through which the center serves as a bridge to harmonious existence between young people, ignoring any possible dividing aspects, i.e. ethnic, religion and national.

To be accepted to the Center applicants go through rigorous auditions. Once accepted they find a common language with every student, music that touches everyone equally and one will find that there is no competitive atmosphere in the Center.

The centerpiece of Keshet Eilon’s work is its summer International String Mastercourse, led by internationally acclaimed faculty. This program nurtures aspiring young musicians from more than 50 countries.

Above all, Keshet Eilon Music Center seeks to use the language of music to bring people together and promote the state of Israel, which is first and foremost a country of culture, science and peace.

At a private concert, at the luxurious home of the hosts, Dani and Tsipi Mani, in Beverly Hills, California, three generations of Keshet Eilon performed to a selective audience. The concert was attended by the Center’s Managing Director, Gilad Sheba, its Music Director, Itzhak Rashkovsky, the Center’s esteemed patrons, Mrs. Raya Ben-Dror-Strauss and her husband Shmuel, and members of the American Friends of Keshet Eilon Committee who flew in from New York to attend the Center's first California concert. 

 2 young protégé, L-Mor Yanni and Eesa Khoury-Photo Orly Halevy

 R- Shmuel Ben Dror, wife Raya Strauss Ben Dror, Amy Miller, President, American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters' Museum, Naharyia, Israel and Husband Richard Miller-Photo Orly Halevy
R-Gilad Sheba, Center's General Manager and wife Ruth, supporters Nitza Avidan, Betty Grinstein, Host Tsipi Mani, Host Dani Mani, supporter Raquel Ramati-Photo Orly Halevy
They say that music lies in the center of a human being’s heart. Hearing and seeing what Keshet Eilon does, only confirms this saying.

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