Consumed by Locusts

This morning, my keyboard on my desktop computer died.  That was solved by putting new batteries in it and restarting the computer.
Would that everything else today had been so simple.
 Jerry Pournelle, the science fiction author, writes every so often about how a given day was “consumed by locusts.”  A biblical reference that means the day failed to go as he would have liked—that is, a day filled with productive writing related work was displaced by having to do mundane sorts of tasks instead.  Today my day was, as he would have written, “consumed by locusts.”  My home network began experiencing some problems last night: we have two TiVos, one in the bedroom, one in the living room.  Under normal circumstances, they communicate with one another; what is recorded on one can be viewed on the other and vice versa.  Last night, for whatever reason, that stopped.

So, today I decided to troubleshoot.  In the process, my printer stopped communicating with any of the computers in the house.  That took a lot of time to try to resolve and I’m still not entirely satisfied with what I’ve done.  But then again, the printer has been a bit problematic for awhile.  It’s relatively new, but has never quite worked the way it should.  At the moment, it is once again usable.

 I solved the issue with the Tivos; they now communicate with one another, and they are once again connected to the internet as they are supposed to be: Netflix is accessible through them.  Yes, during all the fiddling and such, I managed to disconnect them from the internet all together for awhile.  I got that fixed, too.  It took far longer than it should.

And then, for whatever reason, my notebook computer crashed and I had to “recover” it; then I had to reinstall programs on it, since it “recovered” to factory defaults, except it did retain my files, thankfully.  Of course, all my files of any consequence are in the cloud, anyhow.

Thus, my day did not progress at all the way I had thought it would.  In the end, all seems to be back to normal, so far as I can tell.  Ugh.  And I managed to do it all before either my wife or daughter came home, so they don’t have to put up with things not working and I don’t have to try to solve things while they complain about it—my daughter especially tends to have no patience with “technical problems.”  Somehow, even when it is our cable provider that, for whatever reason, has gone down, she always thinks that her daddy is somehow responsible: that is, that I have it within my power to magically make it work again.  My wife has a more realistic view of me, of course.