$100,000 Torah challenge: Update


Illustration: Moses Breaking the Tables of the Law by Gustave Dor'e

Well, it has been over 6 months now and no one has claimed the $100,000 dollar prize. In fact, for the last 5 months no one has even attempted to submit an answer !

This week we are embroiled in the “scandal” of the Sha’s  Minister of Religious Affairs, or "whatever", saying that in his opinion Reform Jews are not Jews….

Yes, but Minister Azoulai also believes that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not really Jews either because they never received the written Torah or the Oral laws…

Yes, poor Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…..they merely spoke with either God or his angels face to face….They never had the good fortune to read the Rashi like Minister Azoulai has had….

But, then again, maybe this is the precise reason why Minister Azoulai has NEVER spoken with God or one of his angels face to face.  Minister Azoulai has the Talmud, who needs God ?

Regardless, if you think you can prove that Judaism passes thru the mother and is based on matrilinials descent, please first read the conditions of the challenge:


Then submit your answer here on this page

Unfortunately, for reason that have never been clearly explained to me, the Jerusalem Post cuts offs comments to a blog after about one week. Therefore, you may post your answer to any one of my blogs that happen to be active at the time….

Good luck !!!