Elliot Wave Theory and the Talmud


Illustration: A Typical Fractal Pattern

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While working out in my head the rough outline for this article, I started thinking about King Saul and Moses. Basically, both King Saul and Moses did not want the job God offered them, yet when they made mistakes, both were punished anyway. In other articles I have discussed the connection between the sin of Saul and the sin of Moses, but what intrigued me about this story was that Samuel said that he argued with God on Saul’s behalf and that he (i.e. Samuel) was upset about Saul’s punishment.

I guess Samuel felt guilty, since Saul told him in advance that he was un-worthy of such an honor and he even tried to hide during the ceremony anointing him as king. Samuel, however, assured him everything would be okay and Samuel is quoted as saying he knew Saul did not have a big ego and did what he did because he was intimidated by the people.

It is an interesting topic, perhaps I will return to it sometime in the future….



To begin this article I think it is important to note that the Elliot Wave theory is NOT life itself, it is merely an explanation about life and could be described as “a reflection” of life (similar to Plato’s shadows on the wall of the cave as described in: “The Republic”). In the same way, the Bible is not life itself. It too is merely a reflection about life. Hence, neither the Old or the New Testaments should be taken as literal stories, and they must be considered as a collection of metaphors,  images and symbols fashioned together to help one gain insights into the correct way to conduct oneself in life.

One of the great themes behind Elliot Wave Theory is that it is based on the concept of: “fractal pattern recognition” (See image above), in which a certain pattern is repeated over and over again. So, examining a one meter square image when looking down at a field of grass, one would see the exact same image, or pattern, examining a one kilo meter square image when looking down at the same field from an airplane.

Hence, we have the field which is indeed life itself, but for our purposes here we shall just say that: as far as the Old and New Testaments are concerned, “the field” can be: “compared to every day life”. As far as Eliot Wave Theory is concerned, "the field" can be compared to either: "the actual stock market", "the actual FOREX market" or: "the actual commodities market.  

The Elliot Wave Theory explains the various relationships seen in: "the field" and this can be compared to either the Old or New Testaments (or any primary religious tract such as: “the Koran” or “the Vedas”). The specific analysis of a situation is sometimes called: “an Elliot Wave Commentary” or: “article on a present situation” or: “ a prediction based on Elliot Wave Analysis”.  These can be compared to: "the Talmud".
Finally, "the Elliot Wave Analysts", who are sometimes referred to as: “Ellioticians”, can be compared to: “the rabbis” (i.e. the descendants of the Pharisees).

So, what’s the problem ?

The problem is that an Elliot Wave Analyst, just like a rabbi, has absolutely no idea what he or she is talking about ….

The source of the problem is the same:

Many years ago a rabbi once told me: “Any animal which eats another animal is NOT kosher….” And what I am saying to you now is that: “Elliot Wave Analysis is NOT kosher….”

Let me explain:

In article after article, whether on the Torah or on the Gospels, I have shown again and again and again that: “in the scriptures all food is a metaphor for knowledge” and that: “each specific food represents a specific type of knowledge”. So, even in modern times we say: “the earth is a school” and in any university in the world one can hear the question: “What is your field of study?”

Hence the phrase: “The land of milk and honey” does not mean that when you step off an El Al plane at Ben Gurion airport the tarmac will be full of  bees and cows…

The Hebrew word for: “bee” is also the exact same word for: “word”. Hence, if: “bees” make “honey”, then “words” make religious texts or “scriptures” and, anyone who knows just a little bit about the New Testament will know that Jesus is repeatedly referred to as: “the word” (Just to confirm this: in the Old Testament one of the prophets is named: “Deborah”, which is the feminine form of the Hebrew word for: “bee”).

The Hebrew word for “a female breast” is also the word for “field” and “spirit”. Thus, “the milk” which comes out of: “the mother’s breast” (i.e. field) represents: “a spiritual teaching”. Therefore, we say: “mother earth is a teacher” or: we refer to: “the lessons of mother nature”….

This is confirmed in the writings of the Pharisee Paul of Tarsus who, when complaining about his students’ inability to grasp the ideas he is teaching, compares: “milk” to: “easy to understand spiritual teachings” and “meat” to: “difficult to understand spiritual teachings”.

Thus, as noted in other articles: The Hebrew word for: “meat” also means: “gospels”. Accordingly, it is possible to translate the book: “The Gospel of Mark” as: “The Meats of Mark”.

If, all this is acceptable, then it is a simple jump to understanding the Hebrew verb: “to eat” is a metaphor for “studying” and this is why, even to this very day, we refer to “digesting the material” or: to students: “merely regurgitating the material” they were taught in school, but not really understanding it….

Okay, so then a rabbi who studies the Old Testament and then writes a Torah Commentary in the Talmud, can be said to be: “an animal that eats another animal”. Hence: it is not kosher to study the Talmud (i.e. “Studying the Talmud is a sin”). This is why “cannibalism” is taboo in most societies…

Remember: “The Torah”, just like the Gospels, is: “meat”, the rabbi is a flesh creature and the Hebrew word for “flesh” and “meat” is EXACTLY the same. So, “to eat the meat of the rabbi’s” (i.e. the Pharisees), is: “to eat the meat of an animal that eats meat”…..There can be absolutely no doubt about this and this is why God told Noah not to eat the blood of the meat because “the soul is in the blood” (The English translation found in most Bibles saying: “The life is in the blood” is incorrect).

So, if a Talmud commentary written by a rabbi is NOT kosher, then, logic dictates that an Elliot Wave Analysis written by an Elliotician is NOT kosher

To conclude, as discussed many times in other articles, the New Testament mistranslates the Old Testament. The Old Testament does not speak about “clean foods” and “un-clean food”, the Old Testament speaks about: “pure foods” and “impure foods”. Thus Jesus is NOT  “declaring all foods to be clean”. What Jesus really said was: “What comes into the mouth does not make one an impure source of God’s word, it is what comes out of one’s mouth that makes you an impure source of God’s word”. In other words: If I merely listen to an incorrect lecture on religion, this does not make me an impure source of God’s word;

BUT !!!

If I begin to teach these incorrect ideas to others, then I become an impure source of God’s word….

So, just look at any Orthodox community in Israel and you will see men dressed like penguins, women wearing wigs and almost everyone living in poverty because the fathers spend all their time in yeshivas eating non kosher meat….

Just look at people who invest in the FOREX markets, 97% of them lose money because they too eat non kosher meat and some of this non kosher meat is provided by Elliot Wave Analysts….