Leave America; Come to Israel ........ NOW !!!

Photo: Jewish Germans being rounded by their "fellow Germans"
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Whether one wants to debate: If Trump is Hitler or Mussolini? Or: Whether Steve Bannon is Himmler or Goebbels? What should be very obvious is that the USA is starting to resemble the Wiemar Republic as depicted in the film: “Cabaret”.

Nothing is taboo, nothing is too vile or too perverse to be depicted or discussed even on television.

But more important than this, the soul of the American people has become so jaded that they no longer even know what is right and what is wrong.

Donald Trump just launched 59 cruise missiles because Syria killed 200 people with gas....

Estimates go up to 500,000 dead in Syria, but the USA is just now launching missiles because of 200 people?

At My Lai the United States army killed and raped over 300 people.... and only one American went to jail for less than 3 years. Yet for 200 dead, America feels a moral obligation to bomb Syria.....because being gassed in your sleep is a horrible thing, while being raped, machined gunned and/or bayoneted is merely: "regretable".

But the more significant action, or lack of action, was about a month ago when Peirs Morgan made the statement on Bill Maher's weekly program that the USA and Great Britain killed 1,000,000 (that's: “one million”) people in Iraq.

No one question him, no one even tried to suggest that he was exaggerating or that he got his figures wrong. No one in the audience reacted. It was just taken for granted by everyone that he was right....(Later when I checked, most of the organizations investigating the war put the death count at: 600,000 , but there was one NPO who did use the "one million deaths" figure).
The next day there were indeed viral videos on "you tube" featuring Piers Morgan on Bill Maher, but not because he said the USA and Great Britain had killed one million people. Oh no, the videos went viral because some Australian comedian told him to "fuck off" after Piers insisted that 85% of all Muslims were still allowed to enter the USA even after Trump's restrictions....(i.e. there was no: "Muslim Ban"). 

Regardless, the one million deaths comment went unnoticed by anyone either during the show or the next day. This, by the way, is in addition to the 500,000 children killed during the Clinton/Blair era as the result of an American/British blockade.

So, we are talking about, at least, one million civilian deaths as the direct result of American actions in Iraq and possibly the correct number is: 1,500,000 (and all this does not include the additional deaths in Afghanistan which is also in the hundreds of thousands).
YET:  Senator Burney Sanders is distraught about two thousand Palestinians !!! And Donald Trump is bombing countries without Congressional approval because of two hundred deaths.....

Nevertheless, as long as everything continues to go well in the USA, Jewish Americans will be safe....


What if things don't continue to go well?

About a year ago I wrote an article comparing the financial system known as: “Elliot Waves” to the religion known as: “Rabbinical Judaism”.

There is no need to go in to detail here, but one of the fundamental principles of this nearly 100 year old financial system is based upon the idea that:

"If there is a great deal of optimism that the economy is going in the right direction, then this is a sure sign the economy is going to fail.”

Every month a survey is conducted asking Americans: How do you think the economy will do in the next 12 months? This month the results spiked sharply upward to its highest level since just before “the dot com” crash.


There is an old axiom in the market: “buy low and sell high”......

Prices in the American market are at all time highs.....therefore this is the time you should sell......

Get out now, while the going is good, because when things go sour, they are going to blame:

1st: Jared Kushner

2nd Janet Yellen

3rd Goldman Sachs

4th You and your family


Remember what happened to the Orthodox Jews who listened to their rabbis in Poland....

Shmuly Boteach, the man who once thought Rabbi Menachem Schreenson was the messiah, now thinks Trump is a great man......
How much more proof do you need ???
Get out NOW !!!
Well, on second thought, maybe you DO need a little bit more proof.
Watch this video.....pay attention to the adjectives he uses to describe the Federal Reserve........Remember: almost all the leadership of the Federal Reserve is Jewish.....at the moment the two best known names are Janet Yellin and Stanley Fisher....but at the time of the last two crashes the heads of the Federal Reserve was Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke....... All these people are Jewish......
But, you know what? Just watch the video....it claims people are not going to be destroyed because of uncontrollable market forces; people are going to be destroyed as the result of a callous plan......an evil plan.......