Tablet Magazine: The Voice of an Adulterated Community


Illustration: "Moses Pleading with the Community"

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(Please notice that Moses is NOT dressed like a penguin !!!)

Before beginning, I would just like to say that Tablet Magazine, to its credit, no longer prints: “Torah Commentaries”, but has switched over to correctly identifying their articles as: “Talmud Commentaries”. One can only hope that other periodicals will follow suit.....That being said, however, one must then note that Tablet Magazine does not even have a Torah Commentary. It only has a Talmud Commentary. Put another way: In the opinion of the editors at Tablet Magazine: It is a waste of time to study the words of God; it is only worth while to study the teachings of the rabbis...... 

But all this is to be expected since Tablet Magazine is a publication steeped in ignorance. Let’s just take a recent article they sent to me via Facebook: “The Gentiles Who Act Like Jews”.

The article, which I did not have the stomach to read in its entirety, speaks about gentiles who follow: “The Noahide Laws” as prescribed and recommended by the Rambam and the Rashi and, recently also endorsed by the Chabad Movement via the ideas of the late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Scheneerson (i.e. “The Messiah”).

These gentiles refer to themselves as: “Righteous Noahides”….

Well, first off, they are neither “righteous” or “Noahides”

A righteous person walks in the ways of God. These gentiles do not follow God’s laws, they follow the rabbis’ interpretations of God's laws. So, for example, they wear: “kippas” on their heads, even though nowhere in the Torah is it commanded that Jews wear kippas. They wear white tassels on their clothing, although the Torah clearly says one must wear sky blue tassels. Most important of all, however, is that they do not show honor to God, they only show honor to the rabbis (i.e. they do not give God his fair share of the grape harvest).

What is even more amazing about all this is that the rabbis from: The Chabad Movement;  A.I.S.H;  and the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Israel all claim (in writing), that the very reason Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are NOT to be considered real Jews is because they followed the Noahide Laws and NOT the teachings in the Talmud. Hence, for example, it is law in the State of Israel that: “If one’s mother is Jewish, then that person is Jewish”.  Yet, everyone in Israel knows that Sarah was not the mother of Rebecca; Rebecca was not the mother of Leah and Rachel; Leah was not the mother of Judah’s Canaanite wife and Rachel was not the mother of Joseph’s Egyptian wife…

How is this contradiction resolved?  Easy: just retro-actively excommunicate Abraham, Isaac Jacob and his 12 sons and invent some bullshit about: “Noahaide Laws”.

So: because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob follow Noahide Laws they are not really Jewish, but gentiles who supposedly do follow Noahide laws are righteous....

Let’s get this straight: The very existence of the State of Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people is based upon the covenant that God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…..people who the rabbis now claim are NOT really Jewish…!!!

Furthermore, Moses always referred to God as: “The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" and he quoted the covenant between God and these: “Noahide Gentiles” in order to save the lives of the first teachers of the Oral Law. Because it must be recalled that the rabbis are claiming: “The Oral law was given at the same time Moses received the commandments on Mount Sinai”. Hence, these first 70 leaders of the community, who were the first ones to receive the oral law, were also among the worshipers of the Golden Calf. Later these first receivers of the oral law went on to reject God’s ways, by siding with the ten dis-honest spies against Moses, Joshua Ben Nun and Caleb. These first teachers of the oral laws encouraged the people NOT to enter Israel. Very similar to what the American rabbis in Brooklyn, Miami Beach and Los Angeles preach today (Not to mention the Orthodox rabbis of Poland in the 1920's and we all know what happened to their followers).

Isn’t nice to see that: “some things never change”?

Remember: God told Isaac that Abraham obeyed all of God’s laws and commandments and this was the reason Isaac was receiving the land as an inheritance. Did God mention: “The Talmud”? Did God mention "the traditions of men"? I don’t think so……

So, in conclusion: What do we have? The rabbis claim that Judaism is not based solely on the words of God, but is also based upon the teachings of the rabbis and the traditions of men. Hence, the often repeated blasphemy regularly printed in the Jerusalem Post by Rabbi Shlomo Riskin: “The rabbis are God’s partners and co-creators”. What Rabbi Riskin does not say, however, is that  the name of this celestial law firm is: Maimonides, Scheneerson, Riskin and “Associates” and that God is only a junior partner in this religious enterprise (Moses, just as in the Haggadah, is hardly even mentioned).

Thus we see the title for one of the most famous histories of the Jewish people printed in the United States is: “Jews, God and History” by Maxwell Dimont (i.e. God gets second billing).

Moses was the lawgiver and it was his function to teach ONLY the words of God which are represented by “rain water”, hence Moses said his words were like: “a driving rain” . Unfortunately, he: “watered downed” this rain water from heaven with “rock water” from earth. So an analogy in modern terms would be: Moses adulterated pure “Perrrier Water” with tap water….This is the real reason he was not allowed to enter the promised land; not because he struck the rock with his staff. First of all, it is clearly written he was told by God to strike the rock with his staff and in the 5th book of Moses we are told that Moses was being punished because he did not “honor” God’s word (i.e. There is no mention of the staff).

The Hebrew word for “honor” is the same word as used for “ the liver” found in a human body. One of the main functions of the liver is to purify the blood and God’s told Noah that: “the soul is in the blood” (“The life is in the blood” is mistranslated from Hebrew). The Hebrew word for “meat” means “preachings” or: “gospels”, thus it is very possible to translate: “The Gospel of Mark” as: “The Meats of Mark”. The Pharisee: Paul of Tarsus wrote that: “difficult to understand teachings” should be compared to: “meat” and "easy to understand teachings" should be compared to: “milk” (i.e. As in: “the land of milk and honey”).

Thus, Moses was punished because he did not honor God's word by insisting on maintaining it in its pure state, instead he heeded to the demands of the people and adulterated God's word via the spirit by adding to it men's words via the water of the rock. Hence, Moses screams out in anger: "You fallen ones" because their level of understanding had fallen (i.e. the English translation: "you rebels" is incorrect).
It has always been my belief that the strongest underlying principle of Rabbinical Judaism is: "Monkey see, monkey do" and now we see that "Noahide Christians" are aping the rabbis. But: Why? Why are these so called Christians following the teachings of the descendants of the Pharisees?
Probably, because one of the most fundamental mistranslations of the New Testament is: "clean" and "un clean". The correct translation is "pure" and "impure", so when Jesus speaks of "things which come out of one's mouth is the source of "un-cleanliness" he is NOT talking about: "vomit" or even "cursing others". He is talking about "impure teachings about God's word". Things like: "Judaism is based on matrilineal descent"; "it is possible to convert to Judaism"; "cheeseburgers are not kosher"....these are all lies based on perverted and corrupted interpretations of the Torah....

The rabbis have adulterated the teachings of God by mixing their earth based interpretations of the world (i.e. ideas based on the physical senses) with God’s heavenly based teachings (i.e. ideas with a spiritual source). As one can clearly see in the United States to day, the rabbis are accommodating the sense based demands of the people, instead of insisting on a spiritual lifestyle based on God's teachings.

Think about it for a second: If God wanted the Children of Israel to have water, he could have made it rain, right? In Hebrew the word for: "heaven and "sky" is the same. The place known as "heaven" was created by parting the waters that originally were in darkness. God's spirit floated "above" the waters, Jesus walked on the waters (i.e. he was at a higher level), Moses was pulled from the waters, but he never actually touched them, he was in the water tight "ark" made by his mother floating above the waters. 
To paraphrase a famous author of the 1950’s: “The American Jewish Community has been down so long, it looks like up”…..and Tablet Magazine is reassuring them that this is way it ought to fact: "it's better this way"......So as Edgar Bronfman used to say: "We have found 'our' Promised Land".... In reality, Tablet Magazine is all wet.....