The 'New' Passover Plot

Illustration: Moses Pleading with the People
Public Domain
About 60 years ago, some Jewish "scholar" by the name of Hugh J. Schonfield wrote an absolutely ridiculous book called: "The Passover Plot" in which he tried to prove that the New Testament was both true and false at the same time.
In short: Schonfield argued that the events portrayed in the New Testament actually happened, but that they were contrived and orchestrated by Jesus and a few of his trusted companions to bring about a series of events which would convince the Jewish population at that time that the messiah had indeed returned.
Thus, Jesus allowed himself to be crucified by the Romans, yet he planned to "rise from the dead" with the aid of a narcotic which would put him into a deep, "death like," comatose state from which he would awake after several hours. Unfortunately, a Roman soldier stabbed him with his spear to check whether or not he was really dead and while Jesus was able to lift himself up and make an appearance to his disciples after three days, the wound would not heal and he eventually died shortly thereafter.
In other words: what Schonfield was trying to imply was that Christians didn't believe in total lies, these events described in the New Testament really did happened, they were just "fake news" as Donald Trump might say.
Why I find Schonfield's book so distasteful, and it should be noted that it was a best seller in those days, was that he also was implying that the Old Testament was fact (i.e. nothing faked or manipulated in the ten plagues narrative). It was ONLY the New Testament which was fake. So, as far as I was able to ascertain, Schonfield, the Jew, never wrote a book discussing the events in the Old Testament, he only wrote book after book rationalizing the events of the New Testament.
It should also be mentioned here that, in a sort of "reverse anti-Semitic logic", Schonfield used to claim: "some of my best friends are Christians"….
In other words, for Schonfield, God levitating a 100 kilo Jesus  so that he could walk on water for 5 minutes is totally ridiculous, yet God lifting tons of water for hours to create a dry path thru the Red Sea is totally believable and makes perfect sense.
But, forget about Schonfield for a second. Let's look at the writings of Paul of Tarsus if we want a real laugh.
Paul of Tarsus insisted that Moses was merely: "God's servant", while Jesus was: "The Son of God". Really ???
So, we are expected to believe that a son of God was only able to feed 5,000 people lunch twice, while a humble servant of God was able to provide close to 1,000,000 people with breakfast, lunch and dinner every day for 40 years!!!
Jesus, a son of God, was only able to bring the true meaning of God's word to a few disciples, while a mere servant of God was able to bring God's word to 600,000 plus soldiers and their families.
Makes sense to me…..
But, all this was "the old" Passover Plot
What I would like to discuss here is "the new" Passover Plot
This Passover plot does not take place in the New Testament, it can be found in the pages of the Hagaddah.
It does not have Paul of Tarsus elevating Jesus above Moses, it has rabbis like Shlomo Risken elevating himself and his fellow rabbis to the level of God himself !!!
Hence, Moses is the mere: "servant of God", while Shlomo Risken and his fellow rabbis are: "God's partners and co creators". I mean, you all remember that passage in the Book of Genesis:
"God created a garden in Eden and Shlomo Risken and his fellow rabbis created the tool shed."
The law, (i.e. the real law found in the first 5 Books of Moses) says that we must teach our children the story of Passover.
Does the Hagaddah teach the story of Passover?
The central character in the Passover story is Moses. Does Moses appear in the Haggadah?
Oh yes, as one would expect, the mere servant of God appears once in the Haggadah, buried deep in the middle in of the seder in a short prayer….
BUT !!!
The Haggadah is full of the teachings of God's partners: Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Hillel, the Rashi , the Rambam and God only knows who else…
Were any of these rabbis present at the parting of the Red Sea?
I don't think so……..
Not a one…. In fact, when Moses, you know the guy buried deep in the middle of the Haggadah, parted the Red Sea, there wasn't even such a thing as a rabbi….
Which is an interesting point, because the Rabbinout of the State of Israel claims that the first Jews were the ones who "underwent a conversion" described in chapter 24 of the Book of Exodus. Yet the Rabbinout also claims that all Jews, in order to be true Jews, must recognize rabbinical authority.
Yet, there were no rabbis when Moses performed this mass conversion ceremony, the first rabbis came later. So then how did these "first Jews" recognize rabbinical authority if there were no rabbis?
And, of course, since in the times of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there were no rabbis and there was no Talmud, hence it is abundantly clear that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were NOT "real Jews"….(like Chief Rabbi Metzger and Minister Deri the convicted criminals......)
How could they be ???
In conclusion: anyone can see that in the Five Books of Moses the people and their leaders continually fight with Moses over who has the final word.
This year you have to decide who you are going to believe
"God's servant" or: "God's partners."
 Are you going follow the law of God and teach your children the Passover story as it is told in the Five Books of Moses? Or: Are you going to follow the teachings of the rabbis and only teach your children the traditions of the rabbis?
It's up to you…..