World Cup 2018. Italy-Israel possible protests pro-Palestine

On Saturday, September 5, at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia, will be played the football match between the Italian national and Israel. The match will be valid for the qualifying round at the World Cup 2018.
In view of the match, the Provincial Committee for Order and Security was held Reggio Emilia, whereafter the questor Isabella Fusielle declared that "were announced press conferences by right and left groups: we keep them monitored."

While Italy is a friendly country of the State of Israel, voices of pro-Palestine demonstrations are circulating on the net, organized by far-right and left-wing groups. 

The Commissioner warns that"the controls will be very firm and very tight, just because of  the National plays of Israel, there will be attention, but for now there are absolutely no signs of imminent danger."

It is clear the intrinsic bond between sport and politics. Sociologists like Emile Durkheim have long argued that sports events are a sort of ritual, where one recognizes or fights with an 'imaginary community', this time the Jewish one. 

Has football has a potential pacifier?
 We will see this in the beginning of World Cup 2018.