Pallywood Arrives in Canada

 A couple of days ago this fake news item made international news. The story was that a young muslim girl had her hijab cut by a man in a Toronto neighbourhood. 
Within an hour of the supposed event, it hit our national broadcaster, the Muslim loving CBC. Our mayor, provincial leader and our Prime Minister all chimed in with harsh words of condemnation to those who attack minorities (read Muslims) in Canada. Soon enough the story was broadcast around the clock on every local TV station. On our local Toronto TV news station, City Pulse News, I was nauseated by its repeated broadcast every few minutes. Liberal politicians were falling over themselves speaking out on behalf of the poor girl and Muslims everywhere. Car crashes with multiple deaths during that same time frame received less attention.
The sweet little girl was interviewed on TV within hours after the ‘incident’. Her laughing younger brother and crying mother whose face was covered were by her side. 
I immediately suspected the entire event. Some Chinese man managed to cut her hijab not once but twice in midday without witnesses. You see she screamed after the first time and joined a bunch of school children but then the man returned with the scissors to complete the job but again no witnesses.
When she told the story she told it without shedding a tear and seemed very normal. Not the typical emotions a child of her age would display after being attacked.
I also noted that when a young Jewish boy gets his kippah ripped off his head, it never makes the news. Why? Because it happens so often, it’s not even reported. And if it were, no one would care. 
Now a few days later, guess what? The police after completing their investigation find that the entire thing never happened. End of story.
Remarks from our politicians after the truth was discovered were typical garbled, message-less, meaningless sentences. I might have thought that after being duped I would expect tough words for those guilty of committing acts of public mischief. But no, they chose once more to attack people as Islamophobes (like me).
I urge the public to demand that the mother be charged with public mischief for reporting this hoax to the police who had to spend our hard earned tax dollars on an investigation. Clearly against our laws here in Canada. That said, I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that investigation. 
The interesting thing now is this hoax is totally absent from the news. Once the police reported that this was a hoax we heard nothing more about it. Zero. Why is there no interest by the media to follow up with the Muslim family and ask them who coerced the young girl to do it? I would think since the media sunk their teeth into this story for days on end, they would surely want to get to the bottom of it. Why aren't they asking the police why they aren't charging the family with public mischief? Why aren't they asking our politicians why they aren't condemning the family and call them out for not helping the Islamic cause by promoting fake news? 
Something smells very rotten here.