Puravive Reviews [2024 Scam Alert] Puravive Weight Loss Pills Result, Ingredients And Complaints

  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)

Puravive is a Weight Loss dietary supplement that works by boosting metabolism, making our body spend more calories than usual. Unlike appetite-suppressing weight loss products, this supplement targets the stored directly. You experience a surge in energy, and there is an overall improvement in your health. 

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Formulated with the help of herbal ingredients, this fast-acting weight-loss formula will boost your confidence. It can reduce stress. Few customers have reported positive results in balancing sugar levels. 

Why trust us?

We have been reviewing the dietary supplements for the past five years. We follow a rigorous protocol to decide the efficacy of the product. We interview real customers and gather their opinions, and also order products to get them tested by a volunteer. 

Our research team is one of the teams available. They are thorough about the ingredients and their benefits and side effects. We only include supplements that are made in a GMP-certified lab that is approved by the FDA. All ingredients must be high quality, and they should be tested on the volunteers before being launched in the market.

How did we choose the product?

There are certain criteria that every dietary supplement must fulfil. To be an effective supplement, it has to have:

  • Proven results without any side effects
  • Use of herbal ingredients instead of chemicals
  • The third part is testing done by a reputable organization
  • Real customer satisfaction rate should be more than 85%
  • The risk of side effects should be low
  • Must be available over the counter
  • No allergens should be in it
  • It should be GMO-free

What are the Puravive benefits?

Fat burning and weight loss: The primary goal of this dietary supplement is to help men and women lose weight by burning fat and turning it into energy. And Puravive does this without any glitches.

Metabolic Support: A simple boost in metabolism can aid in improving energy levels and weight loss. You stay active and energetic all day long.

Appetite Control: Puravive ingredients can make you feel full for a longer time. This way, you can reduce the snacking in between meals; a reduction in calories is necessary for weight loss.

Targeted Nutrient Intake: The manufacturers of Puravive have added ingredients that can balance our diet. If it is lacking in certain nutrients, this dietary supplement will cover them. Thus, you get overall health support along with weight loss.

Motivation and Confidence: By achieving the weight loss goals, you look good, which adds to your confidence. Men and women get a new wave of compliments and support after weight loss. You stay healthy and motivated to succeed in life.

May Address Nutrient Deficiencies: A lot of times, our diet is not balanced. It is lacking certain macro and micronutrients. The manufacturers of this weight loss dietary supplement can help reduce some of those deficiencies. They have added the vitamins and minerals that assist in weight loss and keep healthy functioning of our body.

Convenience: It is easy to consume weight loss pills, unlike following a strict diet plan and workout routine. You just have to swallow the pills with water every day until you reach the goal. 

Puravive Ingredients used by manufacturers and their role in your weight loss journey

Luteolin, Kudzu, Holy Basil, White Korean Ginseng, Amur Cork Bark, Propolis, Quercetin, Oleuropein

Luteolin is known for its anti-obesity properties. More research is required in this field. It is a flavonoid that is naturally available in vegetables and fruits.

Kudzu may help in appetite suppression and may aid in blood glucose management. There is evidence that shows its role in lipid metabolism, allowing it to burn fat for energy.

Holy Basil is a traditional medicine that has anti-stress properties; stress can lead to overeating and may increase fat accumulation. However, the weight loss properties are unknown.

  (credit: PR)
(credit: PR)

White Korean Ginseng: Recent studies have shown an increase in metabolism when this is taken in moderate amounts on a regular basis.

Amur Cork bark is primarily used in the traditional Chinese medicine system. It is known for its metabolism-booster properties. And may aid in appetite suppression.

Propolis is rich in antioxidants, and studies have shown that antioxidants may help with weight loss. Although this ingredient is not typically associated with weight loss management, it may have an indirect effect on the process of weight loss.

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How does Puravive Weight Loss Pills work?

Puravive works by activating thermogenesis. 

What is Brown fat? What is white fat? Brown fat vs White fat.

Brown fat is usually referred to as adipose tissue; it is the type of fat that keeps you warm when you are cold. This fat is responsible for producing heat in our body. People living in cold areas have higher brown fat compared to people living in tropical areas. 

Whenever you are shivering, your brown fat is working to produce body heat. This is known as thermogenesis. During thermogenesis, our body breaks down glucose and fat in our blood to produce body heat. Thus, it helps maintain body temperature.

Brown fat is located in the neck and shoulder area. Brown fat is brown because of the large amount of mitochondria. 

As we have mentioned before, Puravive is the metabolism booster. By boosting metabolism, we use extra energy. Now, from where are we getting this extra energy? Well, we are burning fat for the energy.

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As we are reducing the calorie intake, we need another source of energy. This is where the Puravive plays a major role. It makes our body utilize the fat all over our body. It turns fat into energy, and then we use it for day-to-day tasks.

This energy is the reason we do not feel exhausted and tired even when we are trying to lose weight.

In addition, as it can help reduce appetite, you eat less and are able to achieve the calorie-deficit diet that is necessary for weight loss.

Pros and cons of using Puravive:

  • 85% customer satisfaction rate
  • No chemicals in the formula
  • GMO-free
  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduction in stress
  • It may reduce nutrient deficiency


  • Not for people under 18
  • Not for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Results vary from person to person due to various factors

Is Puravive Weight Loss Pills better than a Keto weight loss product? 

Yes, Puravive Thermogenic fat burner is better when compared to keto weight loss products. To trigger keto, you need to follow a keto diet as well; you cannot rely on keto gummies or keto pills. And you must reduce the calories as well. On the other hand, with this dietary supplement, you get what you are looking for. 

The major difference between Puravive fat-burning supplements and keto products is the results. With the keto diet and keto gummies/pills, you do not get results unless you are starving yourself. With This weight loss supplement, you get results without suffering the strict diet plan. Although eating healthy is necessary, people with a balanced diet can get positive weight loss results.

 Any adverse effect of this Puravive Weight Loss?

Due to the use of herbal ingredients of the highest quality, the manufacturers claim to have a formula that is not going to cause any adverse effects. We did our research and read all the reviews on Amazon and Other websites, and almost everyone of happy with the results. This supplement has helped many people gain the confidence and life that they deserve. 

We suggest reading all bout ingredients and checking if you are allergic to anyone. And please consult a healthcare expert before you start consuming these pills. Also, if you experience any of these side effects, stop taking these fat-burning pills and immediately consult a doctor.

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite for more than 2 days
  • Rash or irritation

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What is the right dosage? How to consume Puravive?

Each bottle of Puravive contains 30 capsules (one-month supply). Take one capsule with water every day in the morning. Never take more than two. Overdose will not speed up results.   

Always take it after the meal for best results.

Puravive Reviews and Complaints Consumer Report

As per data collected by the consumer, here are a few reviews that are positive and critical of the weight loss dietary supplement.

“I am very happy with the results; I wanted to lose 10 pounds in 6 weeks, although I lost 6 pounds in 6 weeks, a little short of my goal. But I know it works and has not caused any side effects. Definitely recommend this to anyone trying to lose weight.”

Amanda, 43, Austin, Texas

“Not happy with the results at the ball; I expect a weight loss supplement to work fast and quick; it’s been three weeks, and I do not see any good results. Waste of money for me. I will return the product.”

La Quinta, 33, Huntsville, Alabama

“Very satisfied with the results. Never in my life had I thought I would lose weight by doing nothing. I follow a healthy diet and workout. Yes, I was not losing any weight; the Puravive weight management formula has helped me get the body confidence that I wanted.”

Lisa, 52, San Francisco, California 

Pruravive Pricing? And where to buy it?

  • 1 bottle (30 days supply): $59 per bottle + shipping fee
  • 3 bottles (90 days supply): $49 per bottle, $147 for package + shipping fee
  • 6 bottles (180 days supply): $39 per bottle, $234 for package + No Shipping Fee

The best place to buy Puravive is the official website. On the official site, you get the authentic product at a reasonable rate. And there are free bonus products that manufacturers are giving if you are ordering in bulk.

  (credit: PR)
(credit: PR)

Free Bonus Products available at Puravive Official website

Bonus 1: 1-Day Kickstart Detox

Twenty easy-to-make metabolism booster tea recipes. That can be made in 15 seconds. Supercharge your weight loss journey with a simple herbal available in your kitchen. No need to buy anything fancy, it's all in the kitchen.

Bonus 2: Renew You

A helpful guide to relieve stress and motivate you to live an authentic, happy life. Day-to-day activities can cause stress that can impede the weight loss goals. This guide will assist in stress free life.

What if it doesn’t work for you? Refund Policy?

No worries, if you are unhappy with the results, then you can return it under the 90-day money-back guarantee. 

NOTE: to get the full results you should at least consume the product for at least 90 days and must follow a healthy diet and workout plan.

Final Verdict

Overall, the provided weight loss formula is a potent way to lose fat and gain energy. This supplement will improve the quality of life. The best part about this product is the all-herbal ingredients with a low risk of side effects. Anyone can take it without worrying about the results. Because it really works. And it is priced reasonably. This affordable price and effective working is what makes Puravive the best weight loss product among other products.

FAQ about Puravive Weight loss supplement.

Does it really work?

Yes, it really works to burn fat. Now, the question is how we know. We read all the reviews on the Puravive official website and on Amazon. What we can say with surety is almost 89% of consumers are very happy with the results. All ingredients are proven to boost the formation of adipose tissue, also known as Brown fat tissue.

Is it safe for regular consumption?

Absolutely, Puravive doesn’t contain any habit-forming substance, and there is no ingredient that requires the permission of the drug regulatory authority. It is available over the counter. And the best part about this fat-burning pill is the use of all-natural and herbal ingredients. It reduces the risk of side effects, and there is not much that you have to worry about. It is a perfect supplement for weight; you are going to get positive results. 

So, if you are worried about any side effects in the long run, then stay assured it will not cause any harm to your body.

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How long will it take to give results?

To get the maximum benefits of this weight loss dietary supplement, you must take it for at least 90 days. Purevive is a science-backed natural formula that requires time to work. It is not a magic potion that will work immediately. We have explained above how it is going to work. You can read that. 

To achieve success and motivation, you need to set realistic weight loss goals. It is going to work, provided you are taking the pills on a regular basis. And by following a healthy diet plan and workout routine can boost the results without a doubt.

What is the benefit of using natural ingredients?

The use of natural ingredients makes this product a side effect-free product. Compared to other weight loss products, it is one of the safest fat-burning pills. This way we are able to avoid the additives, chemicals and other harmful ingredients that can cause harm to our health.

The primary reason for weight loss is to maintain health. You look good when your body is proportionate. You stay positive and motivated as well. The use of herbal ingredients improves your health in the long run.

Is Puravive FDA-approved?

FDA does not regulate the supplement market. All ingredients used in the formula of Puravive are natural and herbal in nature. And they are deemed safe for oral consumption in limited amounts. 

Where is Puravive manufactured?

This product is manufactured in the United States in GMP certified lab that is approved by the FDA. All ingredients used are of the highest quality. All ingredients pass through several strict quality parameters before they are used in the manufacturing of the supplement.

What is a Puravive Scam?

Puravive is sold exclusively on its official website. You will find certain vendors selling similar-looking products on Amazon and Walmart. You need to be careful about them. There is no way to prove the authenticity of the product. To avoid such scam you must buy the product from Puravive official website.

Puravive in a store near me?

This fat-burning pill is exclusively available on the internet. As we have mentioned before, the best place to get authentic products is the official website. You won’t find this supplement in a store near you.

Moreover, if you find anyone selling it in a store, it is most likely a putative fraud product. Avoid it at all costs and buy authentic products from the official website.

Can Puravive be used during pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

No, pregnant and breastfeeding women should never use Puravive or any other weight loss supplement. It can cause complications for the baby. So, avoid it at any cost.

How long does it take for Puravive to start working?

After two to three weeks, you are going to experience changes in your body. After four to five weeks, you will see changes in your weight. If you are serious about your weight loss, then you must use the product for at least 90 days. 

During our research about Puravive, we saw a pattern. People who used the product for 80 to 90 days were most positive about the results, and people who used it for 30 to 40 days were least happy with the results. So, if you want to order, then you must order for 90 days.

Can Puravive be used in combination with other diabetes medications?

Although Puravive is made with the help of herbal ingredients, mixing it with prescription drugs should be done after consulting a healthcare expert. So. Please consult your doctor for the right dosage.

Does Puravive promote weight loss?

Yes, it is specifically manufactured to promote weight loss. There are multiple benefits to using this dietary supplement. It can boost energy levels, balance sugar levels and can help maintain cardiovascular health.  

What should I do if I miss a dose of Puravive?

There is no need to panic if you forget a dose of revive. If it's less than three hours, then you should take it. And if it’s been more than five hours. The simply skip it and continue the regular schedule of the supplement.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Puravive?

Mixing alcohol with any supplement and prescription is a big no-no. If you want to lose weight, then you should stop alcohol consumption. And if it’s not possible for you to stop taking alcohol, then start using it in moderation.

Can Puravive be used by people with kidney disease?

You should consult your doctor before you start taking Puravive weight loss dietary supplements. However, However, there is nothing in the formula that can cause any complications to the kidneys. Still, to stay safe and assured, you must take the pills only after consulting your health care provider.

What is Oleuropein?

It is a bitter-tasting compound derived from olive tree seeds, leaves and bark. It is best known for its blood pressure-lowering abilities. It has many properties, like being an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory agent, cardio-protective and neuroprotective, and anti-cancer. In survival, it plays a vital role. It can trigger the formation of brown adipose tissue. And brown adipose tissue helps with major weight loss.

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