280,000 students expected to begin Israeli academic year 2009-2010

240,000 students expecte

The Israeli academic year 2009-2010 is due to open on Sunday in 66 institutions, of them eight universities, 34 academic colleges, and 24 teacher schools. The Council for Higher Education (CHE) on Wednesday published various data, assessing that some 280,000 students would begin their studies, representing a three-percent rise compared with the previous academic year. The number of MA students in the upcoming academic year is expected to be 47,300, a 3.2% rise compared to the previous year. Of those, 8,000 will be enrolled in academic colleges, effectively a 10% rise compared to 2008-2009. The CHE also does not foresee a change in the number of doctoral students compared to the past two years, who currently number approximately 10,300.