5,000 march for social justice in Tel Aviv

Have the "social justice" protests of last summer come back? It may be too early to say, but on Saturday night a crowd of around 5,000 marched down Ibn Gvirol boulevard in what appeared to be the largest social justice protest in Tel Aviv since last summer.
If not the numbers, the crowd had the same spirit and chants as last year’s protests, with calls of “the people want social justice” and “take to the streets, the country is crumbling”, echoing through central Tel Aviv. Dozens of protestors also came equipped with pots and pans brought in solidarity with the ongoing student protests in Montreal, Canada, giving the march a migraine-inducing racket.
When met with the Passover-style “how is this night different than other nights” question, Stav Shafir, one of the leaders of last summer’s protests said “this is the beginning of the summer.”
“We're back here again in the masses in the street no matter how much they’ve tried to take away our hope,” Shafir added.
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