A-G: Haredim draft law should require Hesder Yeshiva soldiers to perform equal service to haredim

Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein said on Sunday that the new law for integrating Haredim into the IDF should require men in the religious-zionist Hesder Yeshiva track to perform equal service to their counterparts, and not merely the 17 months currently mandated.
He added that making such changes would make the state's defense of the government's current policy on the issue pending before the High Court of Justice much more viable, as the state could truly claim that the new law was just bringing about equality of sharing the burden across-the-board.
Weinstein also said that the IDF should look into ways to encourage more religious-zionist women to undertake IDF service and not only national service, as most currently do.
The statement said that Weinstein's suggestion were accepted by the Shaked Committee.