Abu Ghosh child dies after kindergarten teacher forgets him in car

Abu Ghosh child dies aft

A five-year-old boy from the village of Abu Ghosh died on Thursday after being locked for an entire day inside his kindergarten teacher's car. The teacher, 58, had apparently picked the child up from his home and then driven towards the kindergarten. Upon reaching the destination, she had locked the car doors and gone about her daily business, remembering only several hours alter that the child was still inside the car. The child was found unconscious inside the car and placed under a tree in the village, and he was "all blue and yellow" by the time his family found him. A medical team's efforts to resuscitate the child were not successful. He was pronounced dead on the way to hospital. After questioning both the teacher and her assistant, police forces said the women's statements were contradictory. The child's funeral will be held in the village this evening. Police may extend the teacher's remand on suspicion of causing death by negligence. Members of the child's family said they were convinced the boy's death had not been deliberate.