Activists call on Likud ministers to support outpost bills

Right wing activists called on Likud ministers to remain faithful to the National Zionist camp by supporting two outpost bills, which the Knesset plenum began debating Wednesday afternoon.
"This is the hour in which your resolve is being tested," Amona outpost resident and activist Yehuda Yifrach shouted at a rally outside the Knesset.
As parliamentarians began the debate on two bills by MKs Ya'acov Katz and Zevulun Orlev, its proponents rallied by a protest tent which was set up last week on a street corner, outside the High Court of Justice, up the street from the Knesset.
They set up loudspeakers, so that protestors could hear the debate.
MK Reuven Rivlin began by explaining the legislation, which retroactively legalizes unauthorized West Bank Jewish construction.