ADL calls MOU a 'resounding and tangible' sign of the US-Israel relationship

The Anti-Defamation League applauded the US-Israel military aid agreement of $38 million for the next decade, calling it a “resounding and tangible” partnership between the allies.
“Israel today faces a region wracked by instability and emerging threats from Iran, ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah and others, who are armed with rapidly evolving weapons and technologies,” ADL CEO Jonathan A. Greenblatt said.
“With this agreement, the United States is demonstrating that vital support for Israel’s strategic military edge is a key pillar of America’s strategy to secure stability in an increasingly volatile Middle East.”
ADL’s National Chair, Marvin D. Nathan urged Congress to agree on the financial terms of the Memorandum of Understanding.
 “It is equally significant that with the gridlock and polarization that characterize the debate around so many policy initiatives, this agreement has enjoyed robust, bipartisan support from Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle who have consistently worked together to ensure the strongest possible package of resources for Israel’s ability to defend itself,” Nathan said.