Afghanistan: Suicide bomber kills Kandahar police chief

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - A suicide bomber on Friday killed the police chief of Afghanistan's southern Kandahar province, a stronghold of the Taliban-led insurgency, after penetrating tight defences at the police headquarters, government and security officials said.
Khan Mohammad Mujahid, one of the most prominent government targets in one of Afghanistan's most dangerous provinces, had survived two previous attacks, one on his home and one on his motorcade as it traveled through the city.
Police headquarters are tightly guarded and there would likely have been a further ring of security around Mujahid's office where the attack took place.
It was not immediately clear how the attacker had smuggled his explosives in.
Two other policemen were wounded in the attack said Zalmay Ayoubi, spokesman for the provincial governor. He had earlier said the two other policemen were killed.