After New York victory, Trump turns to California and Indiana

New York natives Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton won their home-state primaries on Tuesday, solidifying their leads as frontrunners for their respective party presidential nominations.
On the Democratic side, Clinton, formerly New York's senator and US secretary of state, met expectations by winning virtually every demographic across the state: The young and old, men and women, black and Hispanic, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish voters. The primary was closed, meaning that only registered Democrats were allowed to vote for either her or Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.
Clinton's sweeping victory– she secured 58 percent of the vote– extended to districts with some of the largest Jewish populations in the country. In the nation's very largest Jewish community, New York's 10th congressional district, Clinton beat Sanders by 66-34 percent of the vote.
Sanders is running out of runway for opportunities to pick up delegates to the Democratic nomination, and would have to secure every state going forward by double-digit margins in order to catch up with the former secretary. In such a scenario, he still would fail to reach the requisite number of delegates to clinch the nomination.
And Clinton is heavily favored in the states to come: California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, chief among them, all of which Clinton won facing then-Senator Barack Obama in 2008.
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