Agriculture Ministry: Locusts found in Center and North

While Israelis took to social networks on Saturday posting photos of locusts – and recipes for eating them – throughout the country's Center and even North, the Agriculture Ministry stressed that these individuals are likely not part of a new swarm.
On Tuesday of this past week, a swarm of desert locusts first entered the country through the Sinai border, after overtaking much of Egypt for several days. By Thursday evening, the Agriculture Ministry had reported the Israeli swarm to be largely eradicated. As of Saturday night, however, the ministry said that a small group has been identified near Nahal Lavan in Ramat HaNegev – but workers were uncertain as to whether these locusts were remnants of the previous onslaught or a new small one.
Regarding those found throughout the rest of the country, particularly those in the Center and North, the ministry said that these individuals are scattered and are not cause for concern.
Mapping and pesticide spraying will occur on Sunday morning in the Ramat HaNegev region, the ministry said. Meanwhile, spraying sessions concluded on Saturday morning in the Nitzana area as well as in uncultivated land near the Magen community, where a swarm was detected on Friday, according to the office. As of Saturday night, the ministry reported no sightings of new locust swarms.