Anti-Netanyahu protesters with flaming torches gather at Balfour

Some 11 protesters were detained or arrested during clashes with Israel Police.

Police forcibly remove protesters outside of the Prime Minister's Jerusalem residence (CRIME MINISTER).
As protesters against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gathered at hundereds of locations around the country, scores of protesters gathered outside the back entrance of Netanyahu's official Jerusalem residence on Balfour street on Saturday afternoon, some holding flaming torches. Some 11 protesters were detained or arrested during clashes there with Israel Police according to Haaretz.
This is the 28th consecutive week of anti-Netanyahu protests outside the prime minister's Jerusalem residence and at hundreds of locations across the country, Haaretz reported.
Approximately 1,000 protesters met at the Chords Bridge in Jerusalem and began to march towards Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence, Saturday night, Ynet News reported.
The Movement for Quality Government in Israel organized a march to Netanyahu's residence in Caesarea. Some 300 organization activists gathered and began to march Saturday night, according to the organization.
A woman protesting against prime minister Netanyahu in the Lower Galilee was injured by a rock thrown at her, Ynet news reported. There were 10 anti-Netanyahu protesters and 25 pro-Netanyahu protesters at the scene, but police suspect that the rocks were thrown by children and not related to the protests. Two minors were detained by police in relation to the incident Saturday night, according to Maariv.
The protesters at Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence gathered  in an area that is generally blocked off during protests as police formed a barricade between the protesters and the entrance to the residence. Protesters held signs that read "the siege on Balfour," which is the nickname of an attempt to block all the entrances to the residence, Haaretz reported.
Protesters lit a bonfire with torches outside of the residence, and firefighters extinguished it, N12 reported.
Protesters said that more people gathered Saturday in reaction to a recent attempted arson of the Balfour protests tents while protesters were sleeping in them. The protesters called this a "step up in the violence towards protesters that is the direct result of wild incitement by the accused [Netanyahu] and his people."
The attempted arson occurred Thursday and two people were arrested as a result, according to N12.
Joint List MK Ayman Odeh joined the protests calling for joint Jewish and Arab partnership against division saying, "the right-wing government chooses incitement and hatred and abandons the citizens in a country in deep social and economic crisis. Our struggle is not just to replace Netanyahu but to replace his way. Only together can we build a safe future of peace and prosperity for all citizens of the state, Jewish and Arab."

"The incitement and violence from Balfour will not discourage us," said the Crime Minister organization in a statement. "At the start of the new calendar year, Israel looks forward to the end of the age of incitement and division by the accused, and we are determined to clarify to him that we will continue to get close to him. Bibi, we will come to you every week, from every direction. We will close in on you until you leave."
The Likud issued a statement responding to the protest and said that "while their parents and grandparents are getting vaccinated, the protesters outside are trying to violently break into the Residence of the Prime Minister who brought them the vaccine. There is no limit to the absurdity."