Balfour protests

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Anti-Netanyahu protesters nationwide report targeted attacks

Protesters form new political party • "It is unfortunate that instead of protecting the protesters, the Israel Police has become a political tool in Netanyahu's hands," a Rise Israel statement read

Protesters go political: 'Democratic Party' launches at Balfour protest

"Starting Saturday - the social upheaval becomes a political force."

Likud parliament member Miki Zohar reacts during an arrangements committee meeting at the Knesset, t

MK Zohar implies Balfour protests more harmful than breaking into Congress

Unlike the Washington rioters, Jerusalem protesters have never, in their 28-week run, breached the actual gate of the residence, and clashes with the police have not resulted in any deaths.

When living near Balfour, the protests become personal - opinon

That house on Smolenskin Street happens to be the official residence of the prime minister of Israel.

Anti-Netanyahu protesters with flaming torches gather at Balfour

Some 11 protesters were detained or arrested during clashes with Israel Police.

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