Balfour protests

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Black Flags movement disbands after over a year: 'Mission accomplished'

"From the first moment we had a clear belief: nothing can stand in the way of millions of people calling for change," the movement said.

Grapevine June 25, 2021:Protest harassment

WhatsApp messages ran fast and furious between members of the Talbiya and Rehavia Forum Against Demonstrations.

Jerusalem residents divided on Netanyahu's exit from Balfour

Many citizens living in the area expressed continued support for Netanyahu, emphasizing his strength and their unwavering belief in his leadership.

A fake moving truck titled "Crime Minister Movers" on Balfour comes to "Take Bibi home"

Bennett to Netanyahu: Leave Balfour residence within two weeks - report

The process is expected to last a few weeks, though N12 has reported that the legal adviser for the PMO has not yet set an official date for the transfer.

Thousands gather at Balfour, Rabin Square to celebrate new government

"It is the time for unity among the people. For a government that will work for the citizens, will mend the rifts and put an end to the incitement and divide and conquer of the era of Netanyahu."

Protests at Balfour for the last time before new government is formed

Black Flag protesters reportedly filed a police complaint after several people in a car gestured at them with what appeared to be a gun ahead of the protests on Saturday evening.

How long will it take Netanyahu to leave the Balfour residence?

The Balfour residence has been a central point in Israeli politics in recent years due to the Netanyahu family’s insistence on remaining in the home even in coalition negotiations.

Balfour, the prime minister's residence, as a symbol

Whether the “Balfour” title will apply indefinitely to the Prime Minister’s Residence, or whether it will be packed in one of Netanyahu’s suitcases if and when he leaves, is anyone’s guess.

Demonstrations in support of unity government to take place nationwide

Protesters will march from the Knesset to Balfour in support of the Lapid-Bennett coalition on Saturday evening.

Anti-Netanyahu protesters blame PM for Gaza escalation

"Netanyahu dragged the State of Israel into a pointless war against public interest and security interests and caused great damage to Israel's security and image in the world."

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