Appeal denied of former soldier who failed to stop murder

The Tel Aviv District Court rejected unanimously on Monday an appeal by two youths, including a former IDF soldier, convicted of failing to prevent the brutal attack that killed Arik Karp three years ago.
Karp was brutally beaten and kicked to death in August 2009 on the Tel Baruch Beach in north Tel Aviv, by a gang of intoxicated youths from Jaljulya.
Or Levy, a former IDF soldier, and Fadi Jaber were convicted alongside two others last March of failing to prevent the killing, by standing by and not calling for help or for police as Karp was beaten repeatedly. Both Levy and Jaber appealed against community service sentences handed down by the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court last July.
Levy received three months' community service and a seven month suspended sentence, while Jaber was sentenced to six months' community service and a suspended sentence of nine months.