PIJ operative killed, three suspects arrested in IDF operation in Jenin

IDF and Border Police forces entered the Jenin area on Saturday morning in response to the deadly Tel Aviv terror attack on Thursday evening.

IDF special forces operate in Jenin on April 9, 2022. (CREDIT: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

IDF special forces and Border Police forces came under fire while operating overnight and on Saturday morning in Jenin and the surrounding area. The forces arrested three suspects connected to Ra'ad Hazem, the terrorist who went on a shooting spree on Thursday in Tel Aviv, killing three. A Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operative was killed during the fighting, while no Israeli casualties were reported.

The operation was part of the wider "Break the Wave" campaign aimed at curbing the current wave of, and included two efforts. The first was to map the terrorist's home. This was carried out by Sayeret Golani along with engineering troops.

The second effort was directed at arresting suspects involved in the attack. The Duvdevan commando unit along with Border Police troops and undercover fighters operated in a number of locations. They arrested the two operatives they were looking for, but arrested a third and evacuated him for medical treatment after he was seriously injured after firing at the forces.

The terrorist's father praised the attack and security forces are investigating whether Hazem had help planning and carrying it out. His father also refused a summons to the IDF investigation unit, saying that if the IDF wanted him, it should come and get him, KAN reported.

 An M16 seized during an IDF raid in the Jenin area following the April 7 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT) An M16 seized during an IDF raid in the Jenin area following the April 7 terrorist attack in Tel Aviv. (credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)

Gun battles were reported between Palestinian operatives and the IDF forces. Numerous news outlets reported that at least one Palestinian was killed and 13 injured, three seriously.

Palestinian media identified the dead Palestinian as Ahmed Al-Saadi. Initial reports said that he was a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) Saraya Al-Quds and was a field commander of the Jenin Brigades.

IDF forces also seized an M16 rifle that was being used against them.

Local mosques used their loudspeaker systems to call on residents to participate in the fight, videos on Palestinian Media showed.

Military activity was reported in the town of Deir Ghazala, some 9 km. to the northeast, and in Burkin, west of Jenin.

"The IDF will continue carrying out terror-prevention operations and arrests at any time and in any place necessary, in order to prevent terror attacks and ensure the safety of the citizens of the State of Israel," the IDF Spokesperson said.

The IDF announced on Saturday that it was deploying three more companies to secure the Seam Line.

Hazem was located early Friday morning hiding near a mosque in Jaffa and was killed in a shootout with operatives of the Shin Bet (Israel Security Service).

He killed two Israelis, friends Tomer Morad and Eitam Megini, in a shooting spree on Thursday evening and managed to escape the scene. A third victim, Barak Lofan, was critically wounded and died on Friday.

Seven others were still hospitalized from their injuries as of Saturday morning, three of them in serious condition, KAN reported.