Ra'am condemns Israeli operation in Jenin refugee camp

The Ra'am political party condemned the Israeli operation in Jenin that took place on Thursday during which the IDF  thwarted a large-scale planned terror attack, Hebrew media reported on Friday.

"The operation in Jenin is an abominable massacre and reveals the true face of the occupation," the party said in an official statement.

Defense Minister Yoav Galant, in response, accused Ra'am of supporting terrorism, N12 reported.

"The unrestrained attacks by members of the Knesset, who are hostile to the Zionist idea, against the activities of the IDF forces in Jenin constitute support for terrorism and harm to IDF soldiers. We have the most moral and ethical army in the world - I will not allow it to be harmed," he said.

The incident in Jenin, which took place on Thursday morning, saw nine Palestinians killed in a three-hour-long battle with the IDF.

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