Border Police officer indicted for stealing, selling weapons

A Border Police officer was indicted for stealing and selling weapons and equipment in a file submitted to the Jerusalem District Court by the Police Internal Investigations Department on Thursday. 

Muhammad Hamza, who has served two years in the Border Police, was accused of stealing stun grenades, night vision and ammunition.

In communications with potential buyers, Hundreds of rounds of rifle and pistol ammunition were referred to as "pistachios." In one case, a stun grenade was offered for NIS 600 and 150 5.56 rounds for NIS 1000. Deals were discussed through Whatsapp and Instagram, where Hamza also tried to sell police firearms.

Hamza employed a minor in his town to sell his illegal wares, and attempted to entice another officer in stealing 9mm cartridges for him. 

The rogue officer was also indicted for various other reckless crimes, such as using drugs while on base and discharging his firearm in or around town. He reportedly filmed his unauthorized use of the weapon and shared the video with family members.