Man indicted for drug, beer-fueled road rage shooting of teen

A Gan Ner man was indicted for the murder of a 19-year-old driver in a road rage shooting fueled by drugs and alcohol, the North District Attorney's Office announced on Sunday. 

Dennis Mokin was driving back home in early May from Migdal HaEmek while under the influence of alcohol and drugs and without a valid driver's license. 

During the journey he was angered by his victim's driving when he tried to overtake him but failed. The victim slowed down to a stop, and Mokin jumped out and argued with the teenager, firing his pistol into the air. 

The quarrel devolved into fisticuffs, and as they rolled on the ground, Mokin shot the teen twice. The victim ran back to his car, and Mokin unloaded his remaining rounds at his back. The victim collapsed at his car door, and died.