6 banned from protests after burning tires outside justice minister's home

The demonstration comes in response to the coalition's ongoing efforts to pass legislation aimed at narrowing the grounds for reasonable doubt in legal proceedings.

Hundreds of members of the reservist protest "Brothers in Arms" demonstrated this morning in front of the home of Justice Minister Yariv Levin in Modi'in, blockong his exit (Brothers in Arms)

Six anti-judicial reform protesters were given restraining orders after blocking roads and burning tires outside the home of Justice Minister Yariv Levin in Modi’in on Tuesday.

The six appeared before Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court and released to house arrest until Thursday, with restraining orders keeping them out of Modi’in for 15 days and banning them from taking part in demonstrations for ten days.

A group of several hundred protesters blocked roads and burned tires in front of Levin’s home on Tuesday morning. The demonstration comes in response to the coalition’s ongoing drive to enact a law aimed at narrowing the scope of the High Court to strike down government legislation on grounds of reasonableness.

The protesters, members of the Brothers in Arms group, blocked streets with wired fences as well as set up a display that they called “dictatorship sausage from the Levin deli” and set tires alight, causing traffic holdups.

After the protests ended, social media users who oppose the demonstrations expressed outrage, saying that police had taken their time in dealing with the protesters and reopening roads. Many social media posts targeted Modiin police commander Linor Levy.

Footage of protests outside Justice Minister Yariv Levin's home in Modi'in. June 27, 2023 (Credit: Israel Police)

Israel Police chief Kobi Shabtai rejected the attacks on Levy, stating that “irresponsible people misrepresented the situation on the internet and caused a tsunami of false and irresponsible posts against a dedicated and excellent police officer, who works every day for the entire public and who attained her position of command thanks to her great skills.

“The commander of Modi’in police is a valued officer and I support her and commit that the organization will deal with any false statements against Israel Police officers.”

Right-wing protesters said they would demonstrate in support of Levin in front of his home on Tuesday evening.

The Ayalon Highway was blocked again on Saturday night as protests throughout the country against the government’s judicial drive entered their 25th week.