Gantz to Gallant: Advancing the legislation harms Israel's security

Former defense minister Benny Gantz addressed the calls from reservists to suspend their volunteering in the IDF until the judicial reform legislation is stopped and called for an end to the phenomenon on Tuesday evening.  Gantz stated, "I urge to keep the IDF out of protest and political disputes."

Gantz directed criticism toward Defense Minister Yoav Gallant for not calling to halt the legislation.

Gantz stated, "The Defense Minister surely knows that the IDF is the people's army, and when the people are torn apart, the IDF is also torn apart, and security is compromised. 

"Faced with immense security challenges, his responsibility as defense minister is to ensure the unity of the people who comprise the army. 

"Responsible Likud Knesset members understand that advancing the legislation not only harms democracy but also Israel's security, its international standing, its economic resilience, and social solidarity."