Bahrain opposition drops pre-conditions for talks

MANAMA, March 3 (Reuters) - Bahraini opposition groups said

on Thursday they were now ready to enter into talks with the
government without pre-conditions, but have sent a letter to the
crown prince saying they want a new government and constitution.

The opposition groups, formed mainly of disgruntled majority

Shi'ite Muslims, have led large protests in the island kingdom
since last month, but had previously demanded a commitment by
the ruling Sunni al-Khalifa family to democratic reforms before
entering talks.

The US-allied Sunni government has made some concessions

after ordering troops off the streets under international
pressure, but a formal political dialogue has not yet started.

Six political groups led by the main Shi'ite opposition

group Wefaq want the resignation of the cabinet, a new
constitution under which the government is elected and an
investigation into the actions of the security forces.