Balfour protest: Nine demonstrators arrested and detained by the police

Protests took place in Jerusalem on Saturday night and police forces were set up to secure the protesters and maintain public order.
Some of the demonstrators arrived in Paris Square, the meeting point of the protests for the last few weeks, and others concentrated at the entrance junction to Jerusalem, from where they marched toward the square and blocked traffic for a long time.
During the protest, a man tied himself around his neck with a lock to one of the pillars, apparently for a long time. Due to the danger to his life, a police team was called to the scene and to rescue him.
Around midnight, the police announced to the remaining protesters that they are opening the intersection and the roads to normal traffic.
Despite police requests, some of the protesters refused to leave the intersection, and police were forced to evacuate them.
Nine demonstrators were arrested and detained by the police also on Saturday night for disturbing public order and attacking police during a Jerusalem demonstration against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that saw more than 25,000 people gather.
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