Barak: Consider classifying 'hilltop youth' a terror group

Defense Minister Ehud Barak Wednesday morning said the legal possibility of classifying the "hilltop youth" group of young radical settlers as a terrorist group, saying "as far as their behavior is concerned, there is no doubt that they are terrorists."
The proper way to deal those individuals and groups perpetrating violence, however, is legal action, the defense minister told Army Radio.
Explaining how the army was caught off guard by an attack by dozens of settlers on an IDF base in the West Bank Tuesday, Barak said "the IDF intelligence does not collect information on residents of Judea and Samaria, and the army's view is that Israelis are not an intelligence target."
Barak also denied recent speculation and rumors that his Independence Party would run in the next elections as a faction of Likud, saying "there's nothing to (the rumors)." Independence, he said, would run as its own independent party.