Ben-Eliezer: 2010 'symbolized Israel's exit from recession'

The Industry, Trade, and Labor Ministry held its annual meeting Monday in Tel Aviv, citing employment and the development of stable industry as the most important tasks of the coming year. Industry minister Binyamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer said: "Israel's ability to cope with the economic and social challenges lie primarily in developing sources of employment and in the construction of stable and prosperous industry - only thus will we be able to fight the social gaps, develop the periphery, and ensure Israel's economic strength."
Among the comments made, Ben-Eliezer stated that "last year symbolized Israel's exit from the recession." He added: "Recently, very impressive growth figures were reported, unemployment numbers dropped and returned closely to the level that we knew before the last international financial crisis broke out."
As for future expectation, Ben-Eliezer mentioned that "in the coming years we will see a larger incorporation of haredim and Arabs into the work force at an increasing economic participation rate." Ben-Eliezer explained the phenomenon as reliant on the Israeli industrial sector to create jobs and also the willingness of employers to accept haredim, Arabs, and those with disabilities into "all economic sectors."