Bennett: Tunnel digging is a national goal for Hamas; they are not deterred

"Like we warned, Hamas was not deterred from building itself up in the two years that have passed since Operation Protective Edge," Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett said Monday after it was revealed that the IDF uncovered a cross-border tunnel from Gaza into Israel.
"Hamas defined tunnel-digging a 'national project,' with the goal of infiltrating into Israel," he said. "It's a national goal for them, and it's time we internalize that."
The minister continued, saying that Hamas strives to strike Israel with "a surprise multi-faceted attack - a sort of 'Yom Kippur' scenario of terror," which would weave in elements of infiltration, kidnapping, and murder.
"It is Israel's duty to restore a sense of security to citizens of the South, and prevent this from happening - at any price," Bennett said.
"Israel can't count on the assumption that Hamas is deterred."