Ministers reject bill banning criminals from Knesset

A bill prohibiting any minister of MK convicted of a crime with moral turpitude from running for the Knesset ever again was rejected by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation Sunday.
"It's unfortunate that the government decided to ignore the public, which is losing its faith in its house of representatives," Mizrahi said.
The initiative by MK Moshe Mizrahi (Labor) expands on a previous bill he proposed, which was approved by the ministerial committee last week, not allowing an elected official who was convicted of a crime with moral turpitude to become a minister for 14 years after completing his sentence.
The law currently calls for a seven-year waiting period to become a minister.
"The bill that was approved tried to apply new norms for a moral government, but apparently the government ministers think it is normal to bring back to the Knesset elected officials who took advantage of their status and lost the public's trust," Mizrahi added.