Bill would have volunteer work count for college credit

College students who want to give back to their community will be able to get college credit for doing so, if a bill proposed this week by MK Merav Ben-Ari (Kulanu) with support of 60 MKs from all the Knesset’s factions becomes law.
According to the legislation, volunteer work will be considered a “social engagement course,” which can be taken once instead of an elective. The organizations at which students can volunteer and the hours necessary to get credit will be determined by the dean of students of each institution in cooperation with the student union.
Ben-Ari said she proposed the law in order to make sure that college students get involved in community service during their studies and get to know the society they are a part of.
The Kulanu MK called academic institutions part of “the Israeli melting pot,” which shape and influence students’ social awareness.
“One of the central goals of this government is to shrink social gaps in this country, and the bill will help us meet that goal,” she said. “The whole concept of citizens’ social involvement has changed significantly in recent years, from businesses to other institutions. Everyone wants to volunteer and contribute, and now it is time for students to do so.”