Blue & White: 'Investigate Likud for violation of Party Financing Law'

The Blue and White Party appealed to the state comptroller on Thursday morning to demand that an investigation be launched against Netanyahu and the Likud for violating a party financing law. 
According to the complaint, which was based on an article published in The Marker yesterday, the Likud paid a private investigative company to track Blue and-White Chairman Benny Gantz. 
"This is a violation of the Party Financing Act, as it is an expense for service given as a part of the elections, which was left unpaid and was not reported in accordance with the law."
"Netanyahu is again accepting illegal donations and using low and underhanded tactics. All to escape his prosecution."
"After 13 years in power, the Likud has nothing to offer the public other than 'just not Gantz'. Netanyahu and the Likud are choosing criminal, dark and underhanded ways to help Netanyahu escape a trial. It's either Blue and White or Erdogan."
Translated by Idan Zonshine.