Blue and White MK blames Netanyahu, right-wingers, for Western Wall violence

MK Aliza Lavie of the Blue and White Party blamed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Miri Regev, Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett for the clashes that occurred on Friday at the Western Wall, when ultra-Orthodox worshipers attacked the Women of the Wall movement during morning services.
"The harsh images and violence that took place at the Western Wall on Friday could have been avoided," Lavie wrote. "It is a shame that the Rosh Hodesh Adar prayer, which is supposed to bring joy and national unity, has become a source of hatred."
Lavie said that the mixed prayer section, worked out with the former chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, should be inaugurated and blamed right-wing politicians for not taking responsibility in implementing the agreed-upon solution.
"The plan was meant to restore the peace and mutual respect to the holy heritage of the entire Jewish people," she wrote.
"I call upon Benjamin Netanyahu to rise above the petty considerations that have characterized his behavior so far, and restore the Wall as the place in the core of the consensus on the entire Jewish people," Lavie demanded.