Blue and White submits term limits bill

Blue and White submitted three bills on the first day of Knesset on Monday that all targeted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  
The bills call for limitation of the prime ministerial tenure to two terms, the termination of the tenure of a presiding prime minister or minister under indictment and the prohibition against assigning the task of formulating a governing coalition to a parliament member under indictment.
The Likud responded that Blue and White's behavior was making the coalition negotiations between the two parties fail and was irresponsible during an international crisis over the coronavirus.
"They say they want to form a unity government, but they advance personal, anti-democratic, retroactive legislation aimed at cancelling the will of the voters and erasing the votes of more than 2.5 million voters [of Likud and its satellite parties]," a Likud spokesman said. "Even in Iran and Turkey, they don't advance such laws. That is not the way you act when you really want a unity government."  
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