Bomber kills at least 4 in northwest Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan  — Amid screams of "Suicide bomber! Suicide bomber!" an insurgent detonated his vest of explosives Saturday at a sports field in northwest Afghanistan — the latest in a spate of attacks that militants have conducted in recent weeks in nearly every part of the country.
The bomber struck in a field where people were playing buzkashi, a traditional Afghan sport in which players on horseback wrangle for a headless goat carcass, said Abdul Haq Shafiq, governor of Faryab province, where the attack took place.
"The people and the police became suspicious of the bomber," Shafiq said. "People started running. Everyone was scared. The people called out, 'Suicide bomber! Suicide bomber!' and then the bomber blew himself up."
Besides the dead, 19 people were wounded, said Shafiq.
In the east, nine people were killed just outside Khost city when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb, according to the Afghan Interior Minister. The explosion killed three men, two women and four children in the insurgent-ridden Lakan area of the capital of Khost province.