Cab driver busted for selling cocaine

Driving a cab in Tel Aviv can be rather lucrative, especially for one driver who police busted Friday night after officers found cocaine and hashish in his car, which they said he was selling to passengers while on his shift.
Ch.-Insp. Ilan Midan, head of the Ayalon Subdistrict investigations branch, told The Jerusalem Post that the driver, a 42-year-old Ashdod resident, had a list of regular clients who would call him up and ask him to pick them up for rides, during which he would sell them cocaine or hashish, or both.
Midan said the man wasn’t a big-time dealer, rather he was just trying to supplement his income by buying relatively large amounts of cocaine and hashish and breaking the drugs up into smaller portions to sell to regular customers.
“He wasn’t any big-time mover, far from it. You could say he was a guy who tried to make a little extra money in not the most legal way.”
Midan added that police believe the man ran his taxi hustle for at least the past year in Tel Aviv, before a tip led police to his all-inclusive cab service. In his car, police found a few dozen grams of hashish and several grams of cocaine, Midan added.