Cabinet secretary: Obama speech similar to PM's positions

The connection between Israel and the United States is strong and firm, Cabinet Secretary Zvi Hauser said on Sunday, adding that "differences of opinion are healthy in a friendship between like this."
Speaking with Army Radio, Hauser said: "[US President Barack] Obama explained that there is an urgent need for a settlement that brings about two nation-states, and specifically said it is the Palestinians who abandoned negotiations and adopted a unilateral path that has no chance."
Obama's statements, he explained, are "similar to [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu's argument that there is no partner [for peace] in Hamas."
The cabinet secretary also discussed settlement blocs, saying that they are part of a core understanding between Israeli political parties. "Netanyahu said [that] firmly, without cutting corners or and without delay."
He added, "The dynamic of the political process includes times when it is necessary to clarify positions and principles - and that is what we saw in the meeting last Friday," referring to Netanyahu's White House meeting with Obama in Washington.