China bans burqa in traditionally Islamic province in wake of growing 'extremism'

The legislative body of China's northwest Xianjiang region approved a ban on burqas Sunday, China's state media reported this past Sunday.
The burqa, a conservative Muslim garb for woman that obscures most of thebody , has grown in popularity among the region's Muslim Uyger community, a pattern creating concern among Chinese authorities who see it as a sign of growing fundamentalism and possible seperatism among the non-Han Muslims inhabiting the area.
In November of last year, the Xianjiang region saw a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of fifteen locals and left fourteen wounded. As much as eleven 'terrorists' were reported to have been killed by security forces during the attack.
The attack, which occurred shortly before the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, came months after government authorities placed an earlier ban on local commuters from boarding public buses wearing veils and long beards, a piece of legislation that had only stoked tension and set the precedent for this most edict.