China nuclear targets to be cut after Fukushima

HONG KONG - China's 2020 nuclear capacity targets are likely to be scaled down after the country imposed a moratorium on new project approvals following the Fukushima disaster in Japan in March, industry officials said on Friday.
China is scheduled to release a revised blueprint for its nuclear sector this year, with many predicting a new 2020 target of 86 GW, up from the previous 40 GW.
Capacity at the end of 2010 stood at 10.9 GW, but projects already under construction would have pushed the total up to 40 GW by as early as 2015, and China's bullish reactor builders even suggested a target of 100-120 GW was within reach.
But Beijing promised to "adjust and improve" its plans for the sector after an earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan's northeast coast and left the ageing Fukushima Daiichi reactor complex on the brink of meltdown.