Clinton to testify on Benghazi attack on Jan. 23

WASHINGTON - After a month's delay for health reasons, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will testify before a congressional committee on Jan. 23 to answer questions about the deadly attack on the US diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya.
Clinton was originally due to appear before the committee on Dec. 20 but had to cancel after she suffered a concussion when she fainted due to dehydration. Doctors later found she had a blood clot in her head and hospitalized her for several days.
Lawmakers want to question Clinton about the attack that killed US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans on Sept. 11 last year, and ask about the adequacy of security in foreign posts.
Republican Representative Ed Royce, chair of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, said he wants Clinton to explain why the attack was not better anticipated and what failures or deficiencies need to be corrected to properly protect US diplomats and diplomatic facilities.