Congo M23 rebel fighters ride trucks out of Goma

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo - Trucks carrying rebel fighters singing and brandishing their weapons pulled out of Democratic Republic of Congo's eastern city of Goma on Saturday under a withdrawal deal brokered by regional states.
Leaders of the Tutsi-led M23 rebel movement had agreed to quit Goma by Saturday. They had seized the city on Lake Kivu on the border with Rwanda on November 20, after they routed government troops backed by United Nations peacekeepers.
"The M23 is leaving Goma," the group's deputy spokesman Amani Kabasha told Reuters.
In the city center, blue-helmeted UN peacekeepers from Uruguay in white armored vehicles watched as camouflage-clad M23 fighters scrambled onto the back of flatbed trucks with battered suitcases and other belongings before driving off.
Several of the departing trucks were loaded with crates of ammunition including mortar shells.