Cuba warns US against hasty decisions in mysterious diplomats case

HAVANA, Sept 26 (Reuters) - Cuba's foreign minister told his US counterpart on Tuesday that it would be regrettable if "hasty decisions not supported by conclusive evidence" were taken over the alleged incidents harming US diplomats and their families in Havana.
Cuba's top diplomat, Bruno Rodriguez, met US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington to discuss the mysterious affair threatening the already fragile detente between the two old Cold War foes.
The United States earlier this year expelled two Washington-based Cuban diplomats over the alleged incidents it says caused symptoms ranging from hearing loss to nausea in US personnel although it has not laid blame on Cuba, which denies any involvement.
"The Foreign Minister reaffirmed that the investigation to resolve this matter is still in progress," the Cuban foreign ministry said in a statement.
"Cuba has a keen interest in bringing it to closure, for which it is essential to count on the effective cooperation of the US authorities."