Dahlan rejects efforts to remove him from Fatah

Former Fatah strongman Muhammad Dahlan said Monday that he cannot simply be removed from the Fatah party because such a move requires support from a two-thirds majority of the organization's Revolutionary Council, according to an Israel Radio report. He said he believes the reason he is being forced from his post is because of a letter he wrote to Mahmoud Abbas criticizing Abbas' sons' financial dealings.
Muhammad Dahlan is a long time rival of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and has criticized the businesses of Abbas' sons on multiple occasions. At one point, a PA minister secretly recorded Dahlan during a meeting with Fatah activists in the West Bank.
In the recordings, Dahlan is heard saying that Abbas travels around the world mainly to promote the businesses of his sons. Dahlan is also heard describing Abbas as a weak leader who is not capable of governing or negotiating with Israel.
Dahlan was also accused at the end of last year of plotting to carry out a military coup against Abbas in the West Bank. When asked about this, Dahlan responded, “I hear about weapons and a coup, but I haven’t seen anything so far. Where are the weapons? I’ve been hearing imaginary stories.”