David Friedman sworn-in as US Ambassador to Israel

Outspoken bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman was sworn-in at the US Ambassador to Israel Wednesday night (March 29) in Washington, DC.
Friedman has been aligned with the Israeli right and was narrowly confirmed by the US Senate by a vote of 52-46.
The level of opposition is a highly unusual for a nominee for US ambassador to Israel, a close ally of the United States. For decades, nominees from both Democratic and Republican presidents have been approved without objection, via unanimous consent or voice votes.
In addition to investing in settlements on land claimed by the Palestinians, Friedman favors moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The relocation is strongly opposed by many US allies because both Israel and the Palestinians claim the city as their capital.
Friedman, who has no diplomatic experience, is a longtime friend of Trump who worked for the Republican former New York businessman as a bankruptcy lawyer.