Deputy Defense Minister calls on Liberman to prevent minority government

Deputy Defense Minister Avi Dichter addressed the possibility of forming a minority government with the support of the Joint List in a Facebook post on Saturday night.
"I urge you, Avigdor Liberman and you, Amir Peretz: both of you are former defense ministers, stop this madness," he said. "Make it clear to [Blue and White leader Benny] Gantz that a minority government with Knesset members on the Arab [Joint] list is not an option at all."
"When this crazy minority government moves us away from the path of nationhood [sic.], you two [won't be able to say] you didn't know," he added.
"Stop this roller coaster for a moment before it takes off. Don't let that happen. Without you, Gantz will understand that there is no choice but to form the unity government, for the [sake] of the State of Israel."